Many people have asked what they can do to help out A lot of people have come to rely on and the community that's grown out of it on a daily basis. Usually, I don't go asking for donations. It's just not something I feel comfortable with. However, I will accept donations to help defray the cost of and its co-location costs. The people below have donated to, but by no means receive any special treatment.

If you wish to make a donation, you can send money to:

Matt Wiggins
301 South 4th #2
Ames, Iowa  50010

or if you have Pay Pal you can send it to [email protected].


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The following made a donation to keep MIE free of ads.

Hope Epstein FD-71 Joe Fracasse FD-7 FD-71
Donald Schaaf FD-91 Ron Meyers FD-7 FD-91 FD-95
The Prendergast's FD-7 FD-71 Henry Olsen FD-7
Donald Wetzel   Lesley O'Neil F707
George Klaetke   Frank Huntsman  
Tom Hutt FD-7 John D Kopp Jr  
Chris Seymour   Dean Bradley FD-7 FD-71
Joanne Stevens FD-71 CD-300 Ken Brock FD-7
Omowale Mtume FD-91 Donna Darden  
Harold and Diana Way   William Sumrall  
Bob Fawell FD-91 Barbara Brocaw  
Neel McCullough FD-71 CD-1000 Walter & Martha Church FD-91
Hope   Paul Casi FD-83 FD-91
Mike Ross FD-88 FD-95 Don & Elizabeth Cross  
Joel Schilling FD-7 FD-91 F-505 Barbara Ribling FD-91
George Hutchinson FD-7 FD-81 FD-88 F707 Sheldon Glucksman  
Janeen FD-7 FD-91 D-770 Andre Clay  
Norma Ruth   Dave Norwood  
Craig Vandemark  (Hell Raiser ) Brownie Benjamin Rose  
Judith Nicholls   Jeffery Haubrich  
Thomas Akins   Winket Tramel  
John Owren   Judith Radcliff  
Les Heath   Bill Bittinger  
Allen Webb   Steven Bartel  
John R Jensen FD-88 Carol Brooksbank  
John & Ruth Ann Champlain CD-1000 Warren Schoenknecht  
Lyle Lastinger CD-1000 Angie May  
Jerry Redman   Gerry & Laurie Drake  
Chris Pilot FD-91 Carol UK FD-95
Bob Miller   John Wren  
Dave Heilman CD-1000 Beverly Mahoney  
Paul E Bussa FD-91 FD-7 Jan K France CD-1000 DSC-S85
Richard Woodley FD-91 Sarah Chinen  
Boogiegram FD-97 Joan Redman  
Bill Hatfield FD-91 CD-1000 F717 George W Hamell III  CD-1000
Tim Musa   Earl Clark  
Raymond Silvey   Greg Wise CD-1000 F717
Jerry Kneupper FD-90 F717 Robert L McGuffin FD-97 F717 U20
Warren Kunkle CD-1000 FD-88 Paula Minor  
Buck Cash F717 Dane714 F717
MrsK FD-71 Dave(WA) FD71, CD300, and 717
jerry-tx   TimD  
Steve Ballard   Wolkies  
Vince Sampiere   Peter Sweeneey  
Fred Sipe   angel_among_us  
olefin   L.B. FD-91, CD1000 & F828
Peter C.   N7WF  
Rusty FD83 CD1000 TRV608 mamapo  
MrsK   Pat Carlson  
Mike Wise   Shar  
Helmut NC   gt  
v1rot8   Buckster2  
kdstewart   Robert Proctor  
EHR   Bob Stanley  

MrsK   lreed  
Craig FZ20, Canon A620 John Wren  
Mary Lou Wright   Eleanore Merolla  
Pat Carlson   Lesley F828 & H1
bigjames4xl   Don from Delta  
Les-In-Tex   Phyl  
JoanneS   MrsK (2nd donation)  
Lindymagoo FD90  Sony H-1 warrens  
boogie   codfish  
cfischer69   Bogenavi FD95 & H2
Don from Delta   Sharlene Hart  


Bob & Pat Miller   Mr. Bill  
L.B.   Craig H9, Panasonic 620
JoanMN   JoanneS  
boogie   Woodworker65  
Dane714   Lesley H9, F828
Jerry-tex   dwetzel  
gt   warrens  
Cod Fish   Bob Stanley  
MrsK   EHR  
Another Bob   Rick H  
realpics   Don From Delta  
Dave H   cfischer69  
Raven880   awebb  
Jay and Janeen   Les-In-Tex  
Steve Ballard      

Craig Canon 650 IS, A620 Lesley H50, W150, F828, H9
Bob Miller Canon SX10 IS L. B.  
JoanneS   EHR  
Faith & Steve Ballard   jw  
Janeen & Jay   Warren  
Bob Stanley   kead2  
Mike L. Whitten   mavica ferret  


Yoshi - in memory of Jane   Craig Vandemark Canon 650IS Cell phone
* MIE ID versus name posted is in doubt. If person whose name is posted would email Craig at the below address with MIE ID he will make the correction so that all will know MIE ID of person who made the donation.

NOTE: This list is being maintained by Craig. If you made a donation to Matt and your name doesn't appear here within a week please email me (Craig) at [email protected].    I have no need to know the amount, just that you made a donation and your user ID (MIE screen name). 

Do NOT send your donation to Craig.

Updated Mar 25, 2010